A connector made from propylene, resistant to corrosion and decay is used to drain the condensate in the air conditioning systems of low pressure. The product in the standard package is designed for the maximum pressure 2200Pa.

In the case of extremely low pressure, extension tube or knee can be shortened, or may be placed in inclined position (see size table).

Built-in ball valve prevents the suction of air through the conclusion in the absence of condensate. This connector is easy to maintain and care.  When connect socket with connector, socket should be moisten with water and soap. Each condensate drain system should be provided with a separate siphon. Pipes after the connector may be mounted on  the market range tubes.




The size, very compact

The valve which when not needed close the passage, avoiding bacteria , dirty air coming into the unit.

It works in both conditions PA+ or even PA-Pressure higher than 600 PA. It is the perfect solution for compact unit.

It is possible to add a heater at 230 V or 24 V in case the units are outside to avoid frost danger.

Technical Information


Supply voltage: ≈ 230VAC
Output voltage: ≈ 20-32VAC


Supply voltage: 24VAC/DC
Heating resistors: 100 ОМ
Switching t°: На 3°С и 7°С